Hello, I am Daniel Fajardo

As a recent graduate, I am looking to showcase the skills and techniques I have aquired through the forensics program at Grossmont College in San Diego,CA as well as what I have experimented with and learned on my own, outside of the program. I was born in San Diego and raised by hardowrking parents that taught me the importance of being dedicated and proud of the work you do. From a young age I was shown how important it is to find something you love doing and turn it into a career. As the old saying goes "when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life". I was lucky enough to have people in my life that supported and ecouraged my decision to study forensics, and I thank each and every one of them for helping me succeed through my journey. Much like many young adults, I was unsure of what I wasnted to do in life when I started college; I was able to try several  interesting courses like American Sign Language, T'ai Chi, Philosophy, Video Game Development, and many other courses  in an attempt to find my passion. Initially, my first Fingerprint Development course sparked my interest in Forensics, and the it quickly became a passion when I discovered Forensic Photography. Once I realized that I had a knack for photography and a passion for Crime Scene Intestigation, I began sprinting toward my degree. I graduated June of 2020 and am ready to exhibit my work and demonstrate my knowledge and proficiency. I hope my website can give you a glimpse of the caliber of the work I am able to produce. 



Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, i hope it gives a good insight as to who i am as a photographer as well as a person. Please feel free to contact me if any questions arise. 




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