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Evidence Photography

Serial Number on Firearm: This photo was taken with a camera mounted on a quadrapod with the weapon lifted closer to the camera with a scissor lift. There was a flash unit attached and bounce flash was used to reduce glare to make sure we can see the Serial number better. ISO: 100 Aperture: f/22 Shutter Speed: 1.3 Sec.

Darkfield Illumination on Window with Bullet Holes:  This photo was taken using the Darkfield Illumination technique, a method of photographing glass to show cracks clearly by having the light source pointed at about a 45 degree angle from the subject in a dark room. The light source can be any type of light that is strong enough to illuminate the subject well, but results are often best when using a tungsten light. The camera must be set up on a tripod to allow timed exposure to be used. The best results are often achieved when the subject is slightly underexposed. ISO: 100 Aperture: f/22 Shutter Speed: 1/4 Sec

Damage from stab wound on clothing: This photo of damage on a clothing article was taken by hand. The photography was taken indoors in a controlled environment with a light source held almost directly above the evidence. ISO: 800 Aperture: f/4 Shutter Speed: 1/200 Sec


Bullet hole on wood:  The photo was taken outdoors to simulate a potential location for a bullet hole in a real crime scene. using a tripod, and a macrolens on the camera, we are able to photograph the bullet hole without distorting any of its features. the tripod lets us to use timed expsure which allows us to use a high aperture to get the best quality and clarity in the photograph and lowest ISO to reduce graininess. A scale is used to give an accurate size of the damage which can help a criminalist in recreating the damage. ISO: 100 Aperture: f/22 Shutter Speed: 2 Sec

Bullet trajectory:  Unlike the bullet hole, the bullet trajectory isn't as focused on the detail in the bulle hole, it is more about getting a sense of the direction and angle of travel of a bullet. With this photography we do not need to use a macrolens. Although the photo isn't being taken to capture the detail of the bullet hole, we still always use a scale to show the size of the damage cause by a bullet. ISO: 1600 Aperture: f/8 Shutter Speed: 1/100 Sec

Prescription bottle evidence photo:  This is a standard daytime evidence photography of a pill bottle in a grassy field. This photo was able to be taken while holding the camera due to the adundance of light. The photo has North indicator and a scale with the evidence filling the frame as much as possible. ISO: 200 Aperture: f/14 Shutter Speed: 1/100 Sec.


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