Bloods Evidence

Grid Technique Bloodsain Pattern: This photo was taken using the Grid Technique of photographing bloodstain patterns. Using ruler tape to show the size of the pattern and a tripod to take the overall photo of the simulated bloodstain pattern, the photo captures each of the grid sections clearly and shows how far the pattern is from the ground. Each section of the grid is labled in collumns and rows to allow for close ups of the grid to be taken separateley with the ability to place them nex to eachother after printing. A tripod is used to ensure that the pattern is not blurred or distorted by movement that may occur if one were holding the camera instead. ISO: 400 Aperture: f/14 Shutter Speed: 1/13 Sec 


Grid Technique Close Up: The photograph is a close up of one of the sections of the grid in the previous photo of the overall Grid Technique photo of a simulated bloodstain pattern. These photos are to be taken with a marco lens on the camera mounted to a quadrapod. To ensure that each photo is the same distance from the pattern as the next photo, i used a quadropod pushed up against a wall, which also stabalized the camera and allowed for a clear photo. The pattern was placed on a wall on a building which required assistance from a team member with holding the quadropod up at the correct height.  ISO:  400 Aperture:  f/16 Shutter Speed:  1/10 Sec.

Road Mapping Bloodstain Pattern:  The photo taken is of a medium view of a simulated bloodstain pattern using the Road Mapping technique of blooodstain photography. We place yellow ruler tape from the floor up and from the adjacent wall past the pattern to show the size of the pattern. When photographing with this method we picked 8 blood drops in the pattern and place a half-circle sticker partially around the blood drops to single show which ones we decided were best to photo, labeling each one that was chosen from left to right alphabetically. We use a tripod instead of taking the photo by hand to ensure the distance from the pattern doesn't change when taking each photo. To make sure we get all parts of the pattern, each photo has a small piece that overlaps with the last, which can be shown by including the ruler tape in the photo. ISO:  800 Aperture:  f/16 Shutter Speed: 1/120 sec.

Road Mapping Close Up of Blood Drop: This photo is of a drop chosen in the Road Mapping technique photography of a simulated bloodstain pattern. Each drop chosen will have a hald circle sticker around it to be able to identify which drop is being examined as well as a scale sticker with a label and a vertical and horizontal indicator. A tripod is used to make sure a clear photo is taken of  each blood drop chosen. A macro lens on the camera is necessary to get as much detail and clarity from the photo as needed, though not as much is needed as with  fingerprint photo ISO: 800 Aperture:  f/16 Shutter Speed:  1/10



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